MGF030 – Jake Chambers - Won’t Change myself / Black Swan

1 Won’t Change Myself - Jake Chambers
2 Black Swan - Jake Chambers

To describe this brand new chapter for Musik Gewinnt Freunde and the artist behind this incredible release it would be necessary to get ready to adventure yourselves into the shadows and not to think about what would you listen but just feeling it deep inside our souls. The mysterious Jake Chambers returns on MGF with a new project called „Won’t Change Myself/ Black Swan“ following the unbelievable remix he did for „Swimming With Birds“ on the latest Matthus Raman’s release and he didn’t failed the expectations we had for his debut EP on the label.

How would you describe a chameleon best? It might be difficult to say it with words as this creature constantly change his color to fit to the environment and the same happen when Jake’s attitude for morphing his sound bring an unexpected blaze of color into the darkness changing the scenario the listeners might got used to.

The dirty sound of „Won’t Change Myself“, which is a live take recorded in his studio, shows perfectly how Jake can bring together peace and tension with a mix of harmony and roughness in a special way that is impossible to reproduce and that is becoming his unique trademark while on his „Black Swan“ he creates the kind of song that takes is shape only at the right moment, minute after minute, as the tide grows hour after hour on a desolate shore somewhere near the sea just to fade away after reaching the highest point. Are you brave enough to lose yourself in the shades and discover this amazing artist and his music on this brand new MGF030? We did and we hope you’ll walk the same beautiful path that made us discover this unique talent.

Format: digital
Releasedate: 25.09.15

MGF029 - YokoO - Oneness EP

1 Oneness - YOKOO

2 Timeless Love - YOKOO

3 Break the Light (Feat. Seabourne & Seth Schwarz’s violin) - YOKOO

4 Xani - YOKOO

After recently joining the All Day I Dream and Kindisch families, YokoO returns to Musik Gewinnt Freunde with another exquisite 4 track package showcasing his talent. Stripped back sensual grooves blended with hugging textures and melancholic melodies have become the trademark sound of this great artist. Both the title track “Oneness”, which is the result of an organic live jam, and “Timeless Love” show us quite an hypnotic and stripped down side of his music whilst “Break The Light” and “Xani” offer the warm textures he is known for, bringing the listener to a more obvious emotional soundscape. Also featuring Australian but Berlin based singer/producer Seabourne, and German violinist/live artist Seth Schwartz, this EP is a gem that contains something for everyone.

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Format: digital
Releasedate: 29.06.15
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MGF028 - Swimming with Birds EP

1 Swimming with Birds - Matthus Raman
2 Swimming with Birds - Jake Chambers - Remix
3 Ambria - Matthus Raman

With this 28th release of Musik Gewinnt Freunde titled “Swimming With Birds” we will introduce you to the amazing music of Matthus Raman backed up with a stunning remix delivered by the mysterious Jake Chambers. Matthus Raman is the moniker under which hides Alexandre, French dj and producer based in Lille (France), that mark his debut on the label with a couple of emotional and sensual tracks that totally fit with the label philosophy with those amazing melodies layered behind a catchy groove that give us as result two excellent uplifting tracks that we have no doubt you’ll look forward to play during the upcoming summer shows. To complete the release at its best Jake Chambers redefine the title track “Swimming With Birds” into an even deeper version that warm your body and soul as the sunlight at dusk in a perfect summer day and we absolutely can’t wait to have the chance to listen more amazing music from this artist you’ll surely hear a lot about very soon. It’s time to welcome summer and here at the MGF headquarter this release is already the musical background of our days in the office so we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Format: digital

Releasedate: 25.05.15

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MGF027 - Flawless EP

1 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Jachin

2 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Boaz

3 Adrian Garza, Leo Leal - Flawless

With our new MGF027 EP we are pleased to introduce you two new rising talents from Mexico which we’re sure if you haven’t heard about yet you’ll definitely get to know them very soon. „Adrian Garza“ & „Leo Leal“ are surely pretty new in the scene but what they bring us with this EP is definitely pure pleasure for the ears combining silky and emotional melodies with crispy beats creating a special intensity in this three beautiful tracks which this amazing package is composed about and the name the guy picked for it „Flawless” totally fits to the result of their work cause in these tracks is very hard to find any mistake as the growing structure and the essential arrangement of the tracks are absolutely creating something special. “Jachin” and “Boaz” drives us trough unexpected ways with it’s silky atmosphere and dreamy synthesizers full of melancholy while „Flawless” totally gets into an adventure that still makes the emotions the core of the message in the track but this time with a different point of view adding to deeper sounds some kind of funky attitude that combined with piano and stabs make this track a very unique journey. Even if winter times are coming and cold is around the corner here at the „Musik Gewinnt Freunde“ headquarter.

Format: digital

Releasedate: 03.11.14

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MGF026 – Amazonia EP

1 YokoO - Amazonia

2 YokoO - A Deep Feeling



Since many years our good friend YokoO is part of the „Musik Gewinnt Freunde“ family but now its time for him to present his first full EP with all his visions what electronic music represents for him. With “Amazonia” Julien takes us to a tropical forest, a journey deep into nature amazingly combining environmental sounds and catchy atmospheres into a silky groove that catches your mind from the early beginning till the end. This trip continues with “Deep Feeling” and the “Velvet Retouch” by YokoO & Michelle Owen which drives us to a more club oriented direction but still keeping the essence of Julien’s sound melting those catchy baselines to harmonies not anyone will be able to create. This journey ends with YokoO’s remix of “Black Orchestra“ a classic by Cosmic Cowboys taken from their album “Zero Gravity Love” recently released on Musik Gewinnt Freunde. We couldn’t be more happy about this release and we suggest you to keep an eye on YokoO who will spend the whole summer in Berlin and is ready to rock the national & international dancefloors. And we all bet here at the headquarters that out of the forest a bright future is standing in front of him.

Format: digital

Releasedate: 05.05.14

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